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It is the mission of Silverstate Refrigeration & HVAC to provide the highest quality, most innovative and exceptional service available anywhere.

Our clients needs always come first. We will strive to always provide value far in excess of your expectations. Our constant goal is mutual respect and long term relationships that are beneficial to all parties.

Our operation will be a great place to work and do business. We will be positive helpful and enthusiastic at all times, always focusing on the solution not the challenge. We will take care of business first and foremost, but have fun and enjoy ourselves in the process.

We will run a clean, organized, and efficient operation, and always adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethical business practices.

We will never rest on our accomplishments. We will constantly strive, develop and implement new ideas, strategies, and services that will benefit our clients.

We will be the best provider of services GUARANTEED.


Brian Peterson
Silverstate Refrigeration & HVAC

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Silverstate Refrigeration & HVAC

Why Choose Silverstate Refrigeration & HVAC?

With over 10,000 clients and counting, Silverstate Refrigeration & HVAC is the right choice for for all of your commercial refrigeration, commercial HVAC, as well as residential services in Las Vegas. Simply put, we are the most complete and trusted heating and air contractor serving Clark County.

Factory Trained and NATE Certified

All of the highly skilled, factory trained technicians are NATE certified. This means they've been qualified in North American Technician Excellence and HVAC certified in all aspects of heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair services and replacement needs. You're getting the very best skilled professional air conditioner, heat pump and furnace craftsmen when you contact them for any and all of your servicing needs.

They're extremely reliable and dependable, and they'll treat you with respect, courtesy, dignity, and 100% confidentiality. They have a strong customer support staff to help answer any of your many pertinent questions you may have about the problems that your heating and air conditioning systems may be experiencing.

Top Name Brands We Service, Repair and Install

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